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Reviving the Mind will reach all cultures and people, all over the world to touch the lives of people who think they are by themselves in this crisis. We want to be able to take music and laughter globally to help heal the hearts and souls of those affected by this debilitating disease called Alzheimer's, while sharing as much information about the disease. So many people are affected by this disease and there is so little information being circulated particularly within the African American community.


We're Makin' It Happen in the community to bring more awareness about the rising cases of Alzheimer's, a form of Dementia, through MUSIC!

Our business provides outlets for families to get the proper education as it relates to Alzheimer’s. We link the family with the appropriate organization that suits their needs from counselors, to doctors, to transportation….the list goes on.


Get engaged and take action to educate our local community, share your story, get others involved to raise awareness about the disease. Whoever you are, wherever you live, there is something you can do to make a difference

We invite YOU to assist our cause by your willingness to give a donation to help aid long-term care facilities and caregivers based on financial necessity. Donation can be in the form of monetary and/or product. All donations are tax deductible. 


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If you're interested in seeing what we've been doing recently, check out our History page. If interested in more information about Reviving the Mind, please email us at info@revivingthe mind.com.

Reviving the Mind with Clara

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